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Christian Impact Ministries

Impacting a Generation for Christ


Vision is the long-term view of the desired future reality of the ministry. The vision of Christian Impact Ministries is to create an impact upon society and the world by seeing a lost generation from all cultures be presented with the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel message of Jesus Christ, to grow in that new relationship with Christ within the context of a healthy spiritual family, and then be presented the opportunity to minister to others the good news of Jesus Christ.


Mission is the overarching statement that defines the ministry's reason for existing. The mission of Christian Impact Ministries is to impact the world by seeing a lost generation become life-long disciples of Jesus Christ.

Missional Objectives

  • To seek to expose and win a generation to the Gospel message through intentional evangelism
  • To see a generation built in their faith through passionate worship and intercessory prayer
  • To see a generation trained in their faith through biblical discipleship and true, covenant fellowship
  • To mobilize and send a generation into the world to fulfill the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.


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